Pricing below are base rates, minimum charges for properties of approximately 1,500 sq ft or less. Please note that pricing increases with the size of the property and the scope of the services required, and may vary under special conditions. Pricing does not include 5% Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Lawn Boy Services offers customized maintenance packages to meet individual needs. To obtain a free customized quote for your property, please click on "Request a Quote" at the bottom of the page.

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* Pricing subject to change without notice.

Maintenance Packages
Included Services Basic Premium Elite
Square Footage 1,500 or less 2,000 or less 2,000 or less
Lawn Mowing 2 / month
(15-day intervals)
May (2)
Jun-Jul-Aug (3)
Sep (2), Oct (1)
May (2)
Jun-Jul-Aug (4)
Sep (3), Oct (1)
Quality Mowing Guarantee
(during raining season)
Edge Trimming  
Flowerbed & Garden Clean-Up*  
Debris Removal**
Fall Clean-Up  
Spring Clean-Up (next year)†  
Price Range $119 / month $139 / month $159 / month

* This service is only performed during fall clean-up and spring clean-up.
** Packages includes 5 bags removed. Additional bags are $3 per bag.
† No additional charges if you continue with the same maintenance package or upgrade for the following year.
‡ Please note these packages do not include cleaning up pet excrements, which is an additional $5 to $20 per visit.

Seasonal Packages
(pricing based on properties of 1,500 sq ft or less)
Included Services Spring Clean-Up Fall Clean-Up Standard
Power Rake  
Lawn Mowing
Edge Trimming    
Deep Core Aeration  
Flowerbed & Garden Clean-Up  
Debris Removal**  
Price Range $225 $175 $135

* Package includes 1 application.
** Packages includes 5 bags removed. Additional bags are $3 per bag.

Individual Services
(pricing based on properties of 1,500 sq ft or less)
Services Pricing
Lawn Mowing (as per time basis)* $69 and up
Power Rake $99
Deep Core Aeration $99 and up
Fertilization $50 and up
Flowerbed & Garden Clean-Up $45 / man hour
Shrub & Tree Pruning Requires Estimate
Eavestrough & Downspout Cleaning $200 and up
Bobcat Services $95 and up / hour

* Grass must be shorter than 8" otherwise subject to additional charges. Cannot guarantee mowing quality during raining season.

Winter Packages
(November to April)
Services Residential Commercial
Snow Removal $189 and up / month Requires Estimate
Holiday Snow Removal (daily monitoring and removal) $15 / day N/A
Icemelt $3 / kg $3 / kg

* Please note that sidewalk deicer is not automatically applied to slippery areas; it is optional at customer's discretion at an extra per kilogram charge. Issues of drifting, freezing rain, ice from eaves troughs etc. are not included with this service and are dealt with on a request only and may involve additional charges.

Exterior Fencing
Services Pricing
New Fence Construction Requires Estimate
Fence Repair Requires Estimate
Fence Painting Requires Estimate