Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Boy Services offers regular lawn mowing services to ensure your lawn receives the proper care required to be beautiful looking and healthy. We take into account variables that can affect the growth and health of your lawn such as climate, precipitation, mowing height, and frequency of cuts to give your lawn the best results.

Typically, a mowing season will begin in early to mid-April, and last until late November. Frequency of mowing may be changed throughout the season to accommodate precipitation and temperature influences. The first cut of the year is cut short, between 1 ½ to 2 inches in length; this allows more air to circulate around the blades and stimulate new growth. We generally will cut your lawn a little longer each time as the summer progresses so as to retain moisture and a lustrous look.

To meet your needs, we will place your property on a weekly or per time basis, and designate a set day for us to arrive each time.

Power Rake

Power raking is also known as an effective means of thickening up bentgrass lawns and removing excess organic debris, which builds up on your lawn over the fall and winter. Power raking also improves intake of nutrients in the soil and roots of your lawn, and helps to prevent pests and diseases. Although power raking generally involves using knife-like blades that slice the thatch, it does not cause significant damage and your lawn recovers quickly while maintaining its thickness. This process stimulates new growth, thickening your lawn.

Power raking is highly recommended in the early spring before new growth has begun, and is a fantastic service to combine with aeration. If you plan on overseeding, power raking allows seed enough time to get settled and established before the hot and dry months arrive. Power raking can also be done in the late summer for those who plan to overseed in late summer for another reason so that the seeds do not have to compete with the spring germinating weeds.

Deep Core Aeration

Deep core aeration is the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy. Core aeration is the mechanical removal of small 3" plugs or cores of soil and thatch from the lawn. This process promotes air exchange between soil and atmosphere, enhances water and fertilizer uptake, reduces water runoff and puddling, strengthens turfgrass roots, reduces soil compaction, and enhances heat and drought stress tolerance. The purpose of deep core aeration is to give your lawn new life and room to grow.

A minimal aeration schedule would be to aerate once per year, but for a well maintained lawn, lawn aeration should be performed twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall.


Fertilizing can be a great a way to improve the look and health of your lawn. This process returns much needed nutrients and moisture back into your lawn, stimulates root growth, thickens the appearance of your lawn, and helps to prevent pests and diseases.

Most lawns require three fertilization feedings per year. Basically, the first feeding should coincide with the first mowing and the last feeding when the grass is done growing for the year. Lawn Boy Services uses a non-burning, slow release, granular fertilizer to continually nurture your lawn through the growing season.

Flowerbed & Garden Clean-Up

Debris from the fall in the form of leaves and grasses falls and builds up on the surface portion of your plant beds. Lawn Boy Services uses a gas-powered blower to blow the leaves and debris out of your flower beds and hedges. We will then additionally rake, edge, weed, and hand dig areas that are too wet or impacted to be blown clear. Once all beds are blown and raked, they will be bagged and removed off of your property.

This process will ensure proper oxygen circulation, allowing the plants to grow and flourish.

Shrub & Tree Pruning

Shrub and tree pruning is necessary to keep plants healthy and orderly. Lawn Boy Services' pruning process involves removing diseased or storm-damaged branches, thinning tree crowns to permit new growth and better air circulation, reducing the height of a tree, removing obstructing lower branches, and shaping and trimming shrubbery.

Lawn Boy Services provide pruning service on a per call basis, and also as an on-going seasonal service. However, having your shrubbery and trees looked after on a seasonal schedule will keep them looking properly maintained throughout the season.